Business Registrations, Proprietorships,
and Incorporations in Alberta

The decision to start a new venture is always exciting for everyone involved. Small to medium sized businesses are what drive our economy, and creation of every business lends to prosperous opportunities. However, with opportunity there are uncertainties, and when starting a business it is always wise to lead with your legal foot. This is especially the case when becoming involved with other parties, such as the case in partnerships.

Taking the proper legal steps with the best business lawyers in Edmonton can spare you many headaches and costs in the future. Not having the proper registration and declarations of liability can put everything you have built up at great risk.

Registering as a sole proprietorship or incorporation in Alberta

In the case where a business owner chooses to operate their business as a sole proprietorship, it is a straight-forward process that can be done easily through the Alberta Registry. While some entrepreneurs will choose this path initially, most recognize the clear need for incorporated status.
As a Sole Proprietor, there is little to separate your personal wealth and finances from those of your business. In the case of creditors, they will recognize personal assets as a resource to pay a business debt.

While incorporations may be more costly, and do carry annual costs in legal administration, they create a legal separation between your business dealings and the legal and financial security of your family.

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If you are considering starting a business in Alberta and you require advice about registering with the province and incorporation, please contact on of the top Edmonton lawyers featured on this site. The best Edmonton law firms bring decades of experience working with Albertan businesses and would be happy to guide you through the process and offer advice.

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