The Best Criminal Lawyers
In Calgary And Edmonton

The best criminal lawyers in Edmonton and Calgary work to achieve the absolute best result for their clients, even under the worst circumstances. The top rated criminal lawyers in Alberta bring a hard-nosed and relentless approach to your case, utilizing every resource available. This may include independent investigation and interviews, expert testimony, and additional researchers or legal assistance in a means of building your criminal defence.

The best and most experienced lawyers in Calgary and Edmonton have a firm and thorough grasp on the law and can see the points of leverage within it. Whether you are charged with drunk driving, assault, drug trafficking, or weapons charges, the criminal lawyers in Alberta can work to help you reduce your sentence or achieve a complete acquittal.

Who Is The Best Drunk Driving Lawyer
In Calgary Or Edmonton?

When looking for the best drunk driving lawyer in Calgary or Edmonton, seek lawyers that focus on managing DUI charges, and have a winning record for such defences. The top DUI lawyers in Calgary and Edmonton have strong ties and relationships within the local legal systems and this asset is invaluable when choosing legal representation. Such relationships and experience can make legal negotiation much easier when it comes to reducing the severity of your fines and sentence. Impaired driving IS a criminal offence and should be taken very seriously by the accused.

Looking For The Best Drug Defence Lawyer
In Calgary Or Edmonton?

Individuals charged with drug possession or trafficking must understand that these are serious criminal charges in Alberta and they can bring heavy sentences. While cases of marijuana possession and marijuana trafficking are given greater leniency and heavier drug crimes, cocaine possession and cocaine trafficking can bring extensive jail sentences. In either matter, you need the best drug lawyers in Calgary or Edmonton to help you build your case. Failing to choose a lawyer with extensive drug defence experience can jeopardize your future and bring a criminal record. In the instance with firearms are involve within the charges, minimum prison sentences are likely. You need the best drug possession lawyer on your side.

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Peter Hoare, LLB
Calgary Criminal Lawyer
Claxton & Hoare – Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers

Peter Hoare has been practicing law as a criminal defence lawyer for 16 years. Over the years, Peter has gained extensive knowledge and experience defending people charged with drug possession and trafficking.
Darin H Slaferek
Edmonton Criminal Lawyer
Slaferek Callihoo – Edmonton Criminal Defence Lawyers
Slaferek Callihoo – Saskatoon Criminal Defence Lawyers

Darin has conducted trials in both the Provincial Court and the Court of Queen’s Bench. In addition, he has successfully completed Summary Conviction Appeals. He has prepared Factums for the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.
Brian McGlashan, B.A., LL.B.
Edmonton Criminal Lawyer
McGlashan & Mackinnon – Edmonton Criminal Defence Lawyers

Brian McGlashan, co-founder of McGlashan and Mackinnon was called to the Alberta Bar in 1995. Brian has appeared in all levels of Alberta Courts. Brian practices criminal law with a primary focus on impaired driving charges.