Do You Need The Best Drug Possession
Lawyer In Edmonton And Calgary?

If you are facing serious drug possession or drug trafficking charges, you need to know that the consequences can be severe and will have an impact on your family life and career. You need to speak with the top drug possession lawyers in Calgary and Edmonton to avoid serious prison time.

What Are The Penalties For Drug Possession In Alberta?

If found guilty of drug possession or drug trafficking in Alberta, fines, court-ordered treatment, and significant prison sentences are just some of the penalties connected with such charges. Under Alberta drug laws, such penalties can be applied for individuals caught with:

  • marijuana / cannabis
  • ecstasy
  • crystal meth
  • cocaine
  • heroin
  • oxycontin
  • pain killers and/or illegal prescription drugs

Under these circumstances, you need the top drug lawyer in Calgary or Edmonton to advise you on your case’s defence. Failing to hire the counsel of Alberta’s best drug possession lawyers can increase your chances of facing imprisonment. Criminal defence lawyers that specialize in drug charges have a firm understanding of the protocols that go with illegal search and seizure a drug investigations and can identify whether your rights have been violated. If such violations are proven, the subject evidence can be omitted from the court.

The top criminal lawyers in Calgary work to reduce your drug possession penalties and undermine the evidence of police investigations. In this effort, the best criminal defence lawyers will ask:

  • Does the quality of the evidence against you carry doubt?
  • Did the police have probable cause to allow a wire tap?
  • Did the police have a search warrant issued?
  • Were the terms of the warrant executed properly?
  • Was there probable cause to issue a search warrant?

If your case has doubt, contact the
best criminal lawyers in Calgary And Edmonton

Drug charges for possession of cocaine, or possession of cannabis, can bring long, and severe sentences. Such charges can have a devastating effect on your family life and career. If you are facing such charges, contact the top criminal defence lawyers in Calgary and Edmonton for counsel and guidance on this matter.

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Peter Hoare, LLB
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Peter Hoare has been practicing law as a criminal defence lawyer for 16 years. Over the years, Peter has gained extensive knowledge and experience defending people charged with drug possession and trafficking.
Darin H Slaferek
Edmonton Criminal Lawyer
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Slaferek Callihoo – Saskatoon Criminal Defence Lawyers

Darin has conducted trials in both the Provincial Court and the Court of Queen’s Bench. In addition, he has successfully completed Summary Conviction Appeals. He has prepared Factums for the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.
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Brian McGlashan, co-founder of McGlashan and Mackinnon was called to the Alberta Bar in 1995. Brian has appeared in all levels of Alberta Courts. Brian practices criminal law with a primary focus on impaired driving charges.