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When a company is looking to cut costs or change the direction of management, there can be circumstances where the company’s upper management make a conscious decision to force out an employee through means of ‘constructive dismissal’. This is often cloaked in the process of changing a workers tasks, responsibilities, and duties without giving that employee proper notice or consent.

By Labour Law, any significant change in an employee’s contract must be a two-party agreement involving both the employee and employer. The term constructive dismissal is more clear in argument when fundamental terms of the employment contract are forcibly changed by the employer in a means that is “unreasonable, unfair and untenable” by the employee. This is extended further in definition by the Alberta Labour Law that protects employees from being obliged into tasks that place them in harm, or cause harm to others. In this instance, employees have a clear right to refuse the work.

Common Examples Of Constructive Dismissal In Alberta

  • Your employer may demand you accept new work duties and tasks with the ultimatum of dismissal.
  • These new duties may not fit within the ethical or safety standards of the Alberta Labour Law
  • Workplace bullying or work place harassment by senior employees or management
  • Hostile work environments enabled by management
  • Reduction in pay
  • Reduction in work hours
  • Demotion
  • Forced resignation


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