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In Alberta, wrongful dismissal is defined as an employee who has been dismissed or fired without ‘just cause’. While Albertan employers retain the right to fire their employees, Alberta Labour Law clearly states that in these instances an employer has the obligation to provide the employee with a reasonable notice for dismissal, or a fair severance package that compensates the immediacy of their dismissal. Ideally, this duration for ‘reasonable notice’ is given to allow for the employee to seek new employment. In hand, the employee is expected to respect their employer with reasonable time in finding their replacement, should they decide to quit.

If you feel your were unjustly let go, you should consider speaking with the province’s top employment lawyers in Edmonton and Calgary about a wrongful dismissal claim. Such lawyers are dedicated to defending clients in matters where they have been wrongfully dismissed by their employer, and the labour rights violated. Seeking counsel from the best employment lawyers can bring a fair severance package and or damages to your claim.

What Does “Just Cause” Mean?

There can be a number of reasons for termination for dismissal with “just cause”. These may include:

  • breach of contract
  • serious misconduct
  • dishonesty
  • revelation of character
  • illegal drug use
  • violation of safety code
  • lateness
  • absenteeism
  • incompetence

However, an employer does not have the right to fire or dismiss an employee under the following grounds:

  • termination due to disability
  • termination during maternity leave
  • termination during leave of absence
  • family planning
  • marital status
  • physical disability
  • gender
  • race

Employees are protected by the Alberta Human Rights Act against such discriminatory action from employers. If you feel you have been wrongfully dismissed under such conditions, you may very well have a wrongful dismissal case against your employer. In this instance, you should seek the advice and guidance of an Calgary or Edmonton employment lawyer.

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Every client and circumstance is unique and demands closer examination to determine a case with merit. If you suspect that the conditions of your dismissal fall under the parameters of a wrongful dismissal in Alberta, act today and contact the top employment lawyer in Edmonton or Calgary and have your case assessed.

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