Legal rights of unmarried couples,
and spousal rights within Alberta

Couples who cohabit and choose not to get married have the opportunity to establish common law spouses and property trust claims through the best estate lawyers in Edmonton. The top estate planning lawyers appreciate a client’s right to determine whether or not they wish to be married, which is why the top law firms offers informative support and legal advice in order to establish long term goals for your safeguarded future.

The best Edmonton lawyers have an focused background of decades in experience, offering consultations and legal support for unmarried couples in relation to:

  • Rights of unmarried couples
  • Common law spouses and property trust claims
  • Common law spouses and support
  • Constructive trust
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Common law spouses and benefits
  • Common law spouses and the matrimonial home
  • Resulting trust

Are you and your common law spouse
are seeking legal advice?

While the list of available options can seem overwhelming, reviewing the rights of unmarried couples with a top-rated Edmonton lawyer can alleviate confusion and often enable a couple to begin planning for their future. Edmonton’s best lawyers should walk clients through the process of estate planning from start to finish with informative solutions to all of your concerns and questions.

Completing your final arrangements with a leading Edmonton estate lawyer can include legal documents that support the following advantages:

  • Living will
  • Trust accounts
  • Adult trustee order
  • Guardianship
  • Adult guardian order
  • Declaration of incapacity
  • Inheritance
  • Health care proxy
  • Power of attorney
  • Personal directive

For more information concerning cohabitation agreements and spousal rights in Alberta, call a top Edmonton law firm today. Book a consultation for an informative look into the many benefits available to common law and unmarried couples.

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