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Estate planning includes many advantageous variables to ensure the security of you and your family. With areas of arrangements to suit each individual client’s personal wishes, the best lawyers in Edmonton and Calgary work toward building trusted and professional relationships with all of their clients, giving them the ability to fully understanding the specific needs and long term arrangement goals of their clients.

Choosing the top estate ligitation lawyer can bring decades of valuable experience working with clients and offering the guidance of significant decisions. Work with the top estate planning lawyers who are committed to the excellence of customer service. Their legal teams carefully take you through the legal process, sorting through asset safeguards and appointing executors and beneficiaries to ensure the validity and completion of your last will and testament. At any time, the best estate lawyers can make amendments to a will, should clients make personal changes to their lives that warrant such an adjustment.

The top estate planning lawyers in Edmonton pay close attention to detail and are thorough in explaining helpful advantages for any client’s final arrangement process. A recommended estate lawyer should also discusses the process of probate and intestacy of wills for clients who have had a loved one pass away. Questions related to beneficiaries or inheritance distributions are also an area of law which any top estate lawyer has an abundance of knowledgeable experience.

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Appointed executors and beneficiaries of trusts or wills also seek legal advice from an estate planning lawyer. This personal approach to client relationships is what builds the top estate planning firms in Edmonton, providing well rounded legal service groups in all of Edmonton.

For more information concerning the top estate litigators in Edmonton, or estate lawsuits, work with only the top estate litigators in Edmonton and Calgary.

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M. Robert Mackinnon, B. Sc., LL.B.
Edmonton Estate Planning Lawyer
McGlashan & Mackinnon – Edmonton Estate Planning Lawyers

Robert has been and continues mostly to be a general practitioner. He practices in a broad range of the legal areas, including residential and commercial real estate, construction and real Estate Litigation, family law, corporate and commercial, civil litigation and Wills and estates.