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For Handling Your Last Will and Testament

For decades, the best estate planning lawyers in Edmonton have provided valuable and efficient customer service; a consistent staple for new and returning clients in Edmonton, Alberta. The trusted and experienced estate planning lawyers provide helpful information to determine the best course of action for each client’s final arrangement preparations.

Any top estate lawyer can offer legal advice concerning:

  • Estate planning
  • Last will and testament
  • Trusts
  • Beneficiaries
  • Inheritance
  • Intestacy

The stability of valid and complete estate planning package helps to ease complex and untimely situations of the future. The leading Edmonton lawyers understand there is no certain way to know which coverage will be best suited for each individual client, although any top Edmonton lawyer would acknowledge the right to have the advantage of all possible options. A estate planning lawyers ensures the protection from intestacy while educating clients and guiding them through the estate planning process from beginning to end.

Do you need the advice of an Edmonton
Estate Lawyer for the probate of a will?

Request that a number one estate lawyer walks you through the process of legal issues that arise when a loved one passes away. Resolving the final wishes, based on a last will and testament, is determined by a process called probate. A top-rated Alberta estate lawyer can determine a will’s validity and confirm aspects of estate planning documents, the appointed beneficiaries, and executors.

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M. Robert Mackinnon, B. Sc., LL.B.
Edmonton Estate Planning Lawyer
McGlashan & Mackinnon – Edmonton Estate Planning Lawyers

Robert has been and continues mostly to be a general practitioner. He practices in a broad range of the legal areas, including residential and commercial real estate, construction and real Estate Litigation, family law, corporate and commercial, civil litigation and Wills and estates.