Ensure the validity of your will in Alberta

The best Edmonton lawyers offer personal estate planning with many alternatives for clients. Legal representatives share informative knowledge and work diligently to secure assets such as residential real estate, providing your children with guardianship alternatives, living wills and last will and testaments.

With decades of experience and background knowledge, the top personal estate planning lawyers in Edmonton focus on long term goals when guiding their clients through the process of establishing an estate planning package. You and your family are afforded the comfort of knowing that your final arrangements are complete. This may also include the revision or review of existing wills to ensure will validity.

Is a US will valid in Canada?

If you have recently moved to Edmonton, Alberta from the United States, having your existing will looked over by any top Edmonton law firm’s qualified personal estate planning lawyers can help determine if amendments to a will are necessary. Many clients seek the legal advice from a local Edmonton firm about questions and concerns regarding existing wills.

Other related questions top estate lawyers are qualified to answer for you:

  • Is a will valid if there is no lawyer or attorney?
  • How many witnesses are required?
  • If a will is not signed, is it valid?
  • Is a will valid if never probated?

Reviewing your will with the best Edmonton lawyers every 3 years also assures amendments to a will are made when necessary. The purchase or sale of real estate property can prompt the need for amendments to a will in addition to circumstances such as divorce, a new marriage, and the birth of a child.

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