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If you are in a family situation that involves child support, it’s important that you and the other parent are exchanging proper, fair, and agreed amounts. By definition, child support is the amount of money paid by one parent to another for the on-going costs and upbringing of a child or multiple children. This may also be referred to as alimony. Regardless of the parent relationship being legal or common law, parents owe a financial responsibilty to their children and those caring for them.

The amount of child support payable, as established by the federal and provincial governments, is determined by the custody arrangement, number of children, and payor’s annual income. Comprehensive information, child support lookup tables and a related workbook is available at Federal Child Support Guidelines.

If you are in a on-going battle with your former spouse regarding child support payments in Alberta, you need the best family lawyers in Edmonton and Calgary to help you collect the fair and due amounts your family is owed for child support / alimony. Don’t tolerate late or incomplete child support payments and let the top family lawyers handle your case.

Enforcing Child Support In Alberta

The Child Support Services Office is an Alberta government organization that is charged with the enforcement of court-ordered child support payments. Details regarding the Child Support Services Office’s ability to enforce rules, legal reach, and additional services offered by the office are made available on their website.

Extraordinary Expenses For Child Support In Alberta

In addition to child support, additional provisions for childcare, education and special expenses are available as determined in the FAMILY LAW ACT – ALBERTA CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES. Also known as Section 7 expenses or “additional expenses”, they include:

  • education
  • medical
  • dental
  • visual
  • other health care
  • childcare
  • extracurricular activities

Income Verification For Child Support In Alberta

Income, for the purpose of child support, is based on line 150 of an individual’s income tax return and notice of assessment. If the payor’s income varies significantly each year, either increasing of decreasing, the court may determine the payor’s income by averaging the past three year’s income.

There are also instructions set out to calculate the income of self-employed individuals and guidelines for imputing income under certain circumstances which can be reviewed at sections 19 and 21 of the Guidelines.

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If you are currently in dispute with a supporting parent regarding the payment of child support or alimony in Alberta, contact the top child support lawyers in Edmonton and Calgary to work on your case and help you gain fair level of financial support to raise your family. The best family lawyers can assess the financial situation of your former spouse and use the law to enforce their responsibilities to your family.

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