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Working with family mediation lawyers can allow you, your spouse, or other family members to collectively resolve matters of child custody, child support, divorce, separation, and estate disputes. Seeking the best family lawyer in Edmonton or Calgary can save you a great deal of cost when weighing the family mediation process against fighting in the courts.

However, even if you are working with the top family lawyer in Alberta, the family mediation process only works when you have two parties that are openly willing to negotiate. Both parties must be willing and agreeable to working with the same family mediation lawyer to progress through the problems in order to find solutions both groups can agree to.

The Top Family Mediation Lawyers In Edmonton
and Calgary Can Save You Money

Breaking down the process, family mediation services in Alberta are typically made up from a series of settlement meetings between two parties (potentially spouses) and a third party that acts as the appointed mediator who will work through the issues and negotiation points within a divorce, separation, custody argument, or estate dispute. The number one goal is to find a resolution for both groups with the avoidance of court, minimizing legal fees. Upon the outstanding issues being settled between the parties, their respective lawyers will be given the resolution for review, ensuring their client’s interests are being addressed.

While successful family mediation spares the major costs of case conferences, legal costs between counsel, paper work and administration, it also brings together two opposing parties. This is ever more important when there are children involved between two parties and there is a clear need for a long-term relationship for the sake of the children. A family mediation lawyer can bring clients to this point in an amicable fashion.

The Benefits of Family Mediation In Alberta

  • Avoidance of relationship breakdowns from destructive court battles
  • Improved communication between parties.
  • Solutions are championed by the opposing parties because of their input on the outcome.
  • Greater control over the outcome, unlike binding decisions made by courts.
  • Promptly resolve divorce matters.
  • Significantly reduce legal costs.

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In the case of a divorce going to court, your legal costs can become expodentially more expensive than the mediation process – tens of thousands of dollars. Avoid this outcome if at all possible. Contact one of the best family mediation lawyers in Edmonton and Calgary and work toward a cost-effective, and rewarding solution to your dispute. Call today.

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Kim focuses her practice in family law. She provides accessible, effective and timely legal advice to her clients after the breakdown of their personal relationship. Kim is committed to providing quality legal services and finding creative solutions to meet her clients’ needs.
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Robert has been and continues mostly to be a general practitioner. He practices in a broad range of the legal areas, including residential and commercial real estate, construction and real Estate Litigation, family law, corporate and commercial, civil litigation and Wills and estates.