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For the best divorce lawyers in Edmonton and Calgary the unfortunate end to a marriage in Alberta can actually be the more direct and the easier than the initial marriage. As most matters of property, assets, and child custody terms are typically agreed upon during the initial separation, the top divorce lawyers in Alberta can swiftly carry a client through the process, providing an affordable divorce. Divorce can be simply a formality if documents such as a formal separation agreement have been signed by both parties.

Grounds For Divorce In Alberta

The provincial court of Alberta describes the overall reason for divorce as a ‘marital breakdown’, but this can be described in three different scenarios a couple may find themselves in.

12-month Separation
This is the most straight-forward and common means of initiating a divorce. If you and your spouse carry out living separately for 12 months, without ‘periods of reconciliation’ for more than 90 days, this condition qualifies as grounds for divorce. In the case where a couple is bound to the same residence, such a separation is more difficult to prove. The couple must offer proof of efforts made for separate sleeping areas, independent social lives, separate chores, and home maintenance.

Committing Adultery
In accusations of adultery, the accuser does not have to name the third party involved in the adulterous act, nor do they have to prove of the act directly (ie. caught in bed). The accuser simply has to provide a high probability of adultery by their spouse. This may be done through credit card records, phone records, or simply the admittance by the accused. Such acts must not be condoned by the accuser, in such cases as ‘open marriages’. This would void the petition for a divorce.

Mental and Physical Abuse
In the case of mental and physical cruelty, the courts have interpreted ‘cruelty’ as a would provide intolerable circumstances for cohabitation. If your spouse is mentally or physically abusive, you may have grounds for divorce. If proceeding with a divorce under this claim, you must provide evidence that the cruelty was ‘grave and weighty’ in it’s nature, caused by incompatibilities between you and your spouse.

If you, or a loved one, are faced with the decision of divorce, don’t face this matter alone. Call on the best divorce lawyers in Edmonton and Calgary to help you in your efforts to move past this difficult period in your life. The top family lawyers in Alberta understand the hardship of divorce and guide you through the process so that you can maintain custody of your children, maintain ownership of your assets, and receive what is fair to you. Call the top divorce lawyers in Edmonton and Calgary today, and start the process toward a new beginning.

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Although it is not recommended, some people choose to get a divorce without the help of a lawyer. If there are any property issues or disputes as to spousal support or child support, do not complete a divorce without consulting a Toronto divorce lawyer. You are able to finalize a divorce without representation but if you have any questions please consult a lawyer.

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