Labour Market Opinions For Canada

Employers are required to apply for a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) before they can hire foreign workers in most cases (see exemptions including NAFTA and GATS), In order to obtain a positive LMO, the employer must prove that there is no Canadian worker available to do the job in question and a foreign worker is therefore needed.

LMO applications require the following:

Efforts made to recruit and/or train willing and available Canadian citizens/permanent residents;
Wages offered are consistent with the prevailing wage rate paid to Canadians in the same occupation in the region;
Working conditions for the occupation meet the current provincial labour market standards; and
Any potential benefits that hiring a foreign worker might bring to the Canadian labour market, such as the creation of new jobs or the transfer of skills and knowledge.

The positive LMO is provided to the foreign worker to submit with his/her application for a work permit.

New regulatory changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program took effect as of April 1st, 2011. This change in regulation effects employers and temporary foreign workers.

Accelerated Labour Market Opinion Initiative!

Work Permits For Working In Alberta

Work permits for working in Alberta are required for foreign workers who enter Canada to work on a temporary basis and as an effort to relieve worker skill shortages in Canada.

If you are currently reside outside of Canada and want to apply for a work permit, there are numerous required documents that you need in order for a work permit application to Canada.

If you already reside in Canada and want to apply for a work permit, you will have to satisfy all of the conditions for applying for a work permit outside of Canada (refer to above) with additional steps that need to be taken.

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