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A statutory declaration is simply a written declaration that asserts a truth of any fact, or facts, carrying the same legal weight as evidence given under oath. Not to be mistaken with affidavits, generally used in court, statutory declarations are used in more general circumstances. The best Edmonton lawyers can administer a solemn declaration on behalf of a person making a declaration, signing and certifying it as a legal document.

What is a Statutory Declaration
of Common-Law Union form?

In Canada, two people living together in a mutually interdependent relationship can qualify as a common-law couple. As the status has become more and more common, common-law couples can often qualify for health or medical benefits, pensions, or advantages within an immigration application. When making such applications, it is often required that the common-law couple provide a notarized statutory declaration of common-law union. This form can be obtained by simply contacting any of the top Edmonton law offices.

What is the process of
administering a statutory declaration?

If you would like to make a solemn declaration, only meet with the best lawyers in Edmonton. Before arriving for your appointment, you should have a written copy of your solemn declaration and government issued photo identification that can verify your signature. With these items present, the top lawyers in Edmonton can administer an oath or solemn declaration. It should be noted that a public notary cannot verify the truth of a solemn declaration, but only that it was administered correctly.

What are statutory declarations used for? Some examples include:

  • Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor
  • Statutory Declaration concerning a lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or inaccessible Canadian Passport
  • Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union

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The top Edmonton law firms have a long experience in providing notary services for the public. If you have additional questions surrounding statutory declarations, or other notary services, please contact the best lawyers in Edmonton. They are there to help, while providing quick legal service for your notary needs.

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